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Sustainibility Policy

As part of an entirely value focused organisation, Projects India staff inherently believe that corporate sustainability is fundamental to what we stand for as a company.

We are conscious that event management can be a wasteful industry and for us as a business finding the balance between economic, social and environmental responsibility is crucial both now and in the future. Consequently we have taken steps to review our performance in this area in the hope that by further improving our own practices and playing our part in the bigger picture, that current and future client’s will be empowered to adopt a similar approach. To ensure this Projects India takes care only to work with stakeholders that share similar values about sustainability and that have policies on their practices.

Projects India’s goal is to act as a catalyst of change and improvement in the events management industry and to successfully achieve the highest efficiency of operations at the lowest environmental impact.

For more information on our current practices please do not hesitate to contact us.

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